About Me

My name is Sam Morris; I’m a mental health advocate and recovered alcoholic. I was born and raised in The Green Mountains of Vermont where I was a competitive tennis player, golfer and skier. I attended Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina where I studied Sports Management and played #1 on the tennis team.

After college, my tennis career came to an end and I thought all was good… and it was… for a little while.

Fast forward five years to a stressful job in commercial real estate and the wheels started to come off; I got ridiculously out of shape, and not just physically. I was a shell of my former athlete, and leader self.

I was on the fast track to nowhere. I was drinking way too much, doing large amounts of drugs and ruining my life. My weight ballooned up to 225 pounds. Every aspect of my life was suffering. This downward spiral went on for too many years.

Fast forward eight years… enough was finally enough. I needed to change. I had to start over in all areas of my life. I had to change EVERYTHING. I had to admit to myself that not only was I an alcoholic, I also had severe depression, and anxiety.  I had to become open to change and to being a beginner.

That’s what made me say goodbye to commercial real estate and dedicate my life to helping others.

And that’s what led to my mantra:

“Be Open To Change; Allow Yourself To Be a Beginner”